5 Best Guitar Pickups for 80s Metal
5 Best Guitar Pickups for 80s Metal
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EMG JH James Hetfield Signature
Bridge System – Adjustable
Active Tone With The Clarity And Punch Of A Passive Pickup
For Rock, Hard Rock, Metal
Seymour Dauncan S/D SH-8 Invader
3 Ceramic Magnets
Hot Coils And Twelve Black Oxide Cap Screws
The Wide Magnetic Field
Seymour Duncan AHB-2b Blackouts HB Micro
Alnico V Magnets
For Old School Metal, Garage, Punk, Thrash, Drop Tunings
3 Shielded Conductors
Seymour Duncan AHB-1 Blackouts
More Lows And More Highs
Blackouts Have More Tone Than Other Active Pickups
9-Volt Active Humbucker
EMG TA Tom Araya Signature Active
35DC Paired With The 35J
Includes EMG Exclusive Solderless Install System
Active 4-String Pickup Set

Choose the Best Guitar Pickup for 80s Metal

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Guitar Pickups for 80s Metal

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61.54% of users selected EMG JH James Hetfield Signature, 15.38% selected Seymour Dauncan S/D SH-8 Invader, 7.69% selected Seymour Duncan AHB-2b Blackouts HB Micro, 7.69% selected Seymour Duncan AHB-1 Blackouts and 7.69% selected EMG TA Tom Araya Signature Active. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Useful Video: Duncan Blackouts vs EMG HET Set

Hello! I’m a Kyle Dixon, and I’m a guitarist in a metal band. I like to play guitar for my friends. Besides, I always choose the musical equipment for us, and I’m going to share my experience with you.

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