Fender American Professional Precision Bass Review
Fender American Professional Precision Bass Review
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Fender American Professional Precision Bass ReviewAmerican Professional Precision Bass with Rosewood Fingerboard Olympic White. Bass—it’s where rhythm meets melody, creating a righteous groove that forces you to move with it. As music evolves, our instruments change in lockstep; the end result is today’s version of this seminal instrument—the American Professional Precision Bass.

Fender American Professional Precision Bass User Manual

Having problem? Download Fender American Professional Precision Bass instructions.

Pros & Cons of Fender American Professional Precision Bass


  • Neck Shape: 1963 C
  • Wood: Maple
  • Neck joint: Bolt-on
  • Scale length: 34 in


  • It’s buzzing

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Hello! I’m a Kyle Dixon, and I’m a guitarist in a metal band. I like to play guitar for my friends. Besides, I always choose the musical equipment for us, and I’m going to share my experience with you.

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