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Fender Rumble 500 Review

Fender Rumble 500 Review
Fender Rumble 500 ReviewFor bassists everywhere at all levels, Rumble bass combos are re-engineered to be astoundingly compact, portable and lightweight, with seismic Fender bass tone and stage-worthy features. On sight alone, you might not believe that the stylishly diminutive Rumble 500 combo pumps an astounding 500 watts of pure bass muscle and finesse, but it does exactly that.

Fender Rumble 500 User Manual

Having problem? Download Fender Rumble 500 instructions.

Pros & Cons of Fender Rumble 500


  • Overdrive switch
  • XLR line output
  • Ivory soft touch radio potentiometer knobs
  • Three-button tone voicing


  • Not that loud

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