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Who Is the Drummer for Metallica?

Who Is the Drummer for Metallica?

Who is the drummer for Metallica? This is a question that has been asked by many fans of the band over the years. While Lars Ulrich is the most well-known drummer for Metallica, he is not the only one who has ever played with the band. In this article, we will take a look at all of the different drummers who have played with Metallica over the years, as well as answer some common questions about them.

Metallica era

The original drummer for Metallica was Lars Ulrich, who first joined the band in 1981. He remains their longest serving drummer to date, and is known for his fast, aggressive drumming style. Alongside James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett, he has been a part of every Metallica album since 1983’s Kill ‘Em All.

In 1984, Cliff Burton replaced Ron McGovney as Metallica’s bassist and Jason Newsted took over as the band’s second guitarist. The same year drummer Lloyd Grant briefly played with the group during a few club gigs.

From 1985–1986, former Exodus drummer Tom Hunting filled in for Ulrich during recording sessions for Master of Puppets due to scheduling conflicts with Ulrich.

In 1987, after the tragic death of Cliff Burton, Metallica welcomed Kirk Hammett’s former bandmate from Exodus, and master drummer, Gary Holt as their new bassist. They also tapped another Exodus alumni in the form of drummer Paul Bostaph to fill in for Lars Ulrich while he took a break to deal with some personal issues. Bostaph stayed on with Metallica until 1998.

In 1999, Metallica added yet another veteran of the Bay Area thrash metal scene to their line-up by bringing on Dave Abbruzzese, who had previously been a member of Seattle grunge group Pearl Jam. After two years though, Abbruzzese was replaced by former Suicidal Tendencies drummer Jimmy DeGrasso.

From 2004–2006, Metallica had yet another new addition to their ranks in the form of former Megadeth and Slayer drummer, Dave Lombardo. Lombardo also played with the band during a number of live shows from 2008–2013.

In 2014, Metallica once again welcomed back Lars Ulrich as their full-time drummer after a brief stint with Slipknot’s Joey Jordison behind the kit for some promotional appearances. Since then, Ulrich has been the only permanent drummer for Metallica. [1]

Metallica era

Appearances and more

In addition to the drummers mentioned above, Metallica have also had some guest appearances from other drummers over the years. These include Motörhead’s Phil Taylor, former Queens Of The Stone Age drummer Joey Castillo, and Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins.

Metallica has always been open to working with talented musicians from a variety of different genres and backgrounds. In 2016 they released their tenth studio album Hardwired…to Self-Destruct with producer Greg Fidelman at the helm. While Lars Ulrich was still behind the kit for this recording, it also featured contributions from jazz greats such as Bill Stewart and Dennis Chambers.

The band has also opened up their recordings to outside producers such as Rick Rubin in 2004 (St. Anger) and Bob Rock in 1991 (Metallica).

In addition to their studio recordings, Metallica have also invited a number of guest drummers to perform with them live over the years. These include Vinnie Paul (Pantera), Jimmy Chamberlain (Smashing Pumpkins), John Dolmayan (System of a Down), Brain Mantia (Primus), and Joey Jordison (Slipknot).

Overall, it is clear that Metallica has been open to working with numerous talented musicians throughout its impressive career, whether they be full-time members or just session players. While Lars Ulrich remains their most consistent figure behind the kit, each new drummer has brought something unique and valuable to the band’s sound.

Despite the ever-changing lineup, Metallica have consistently produced some of the most influential and beloved heavy metal music in history and remain one of the greatest rock bands to this day. With Lars Ulrich still at its helm, it is unlikely that we will see any major changes in Metallica’s drumming lineup anytime soon.

Personal life

Outside of his musical career, Ulrich is an avid tennis player and was a regular at the Los Angeles Open in 2008. He has been married twice; first to Debbie Jones from 1997–2004 and then to Skylar Satenstein since 2009. He also has three sons with Satenstein.

Ulrich is known for his philanthropic work, having donated large sums of money to a number of different charities over the years. These include Doctors Without Borders, The Red Cross, and Music for Relief. In 2013 he established The All Within My Hands Foundation which works to support workforce education and combat hunger in America.

Lars Ulrich is one of the most iconic figures in modern heavy metal music and continues to be an important part of Metallica’s lineup to this day. He has been the driving force behind some of the band’s most successful albums and memorable live performances, making him an invaluable asset to the group. His influence will no doubt continue to be felt in the metal scene for years to come. [2]

Personal life

Why didn’t Metallica get a better drummer?

The simple answer is that they did not need a better drummer. Lars Ulrich has been with Metallica since its inception and has consistently provided the band with excellent drumming over the years. He has become an integral part of their sound, contributing to some of their most popular songs and albums.

It is difficult to find someone who could replace someone like Lars Ulrich and provide the same level of skill and passion that he brings to Metallica’s music. It may be possible for someone else to fill in on occasion or play with the band during promotional appearances, but it would be hard to replicate his unique style and connection to Metallica’s material.

Additionally, Metallica already has a highly talented roster of guest drummers who they can call upon to perform with them when needed. These drummers are able to provide the band with a wide range of different sounds and styles, allowing Metallica to keep their music fresh and exciting.

In short, it is clear why Metallica have not sought out a new drummer – Lars Ulrich has been an integral part of their sound from the very beginning and continues to be so today. He brings a passion and skill that would be difficult for anyone else to replicate, making him irreplaceable as Metallica’s drummer.

Who did Lars say is the best drummer?

When asked who he thought was the best drummer, Lars Ulrich often points to John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. He has cited Bonham as a major influence on his own style and praised him for his unique playing ability and dynamic presence. In an interview conducted by Drum!, Ulrich stated “Bonzo should be in everybody’s drum hall of fame. He was just a master.”

Ulrich is also known to have a great respect for Neil Peart of Rush, whom he has called “the greatest living drummer”. He has praised Peart’s technical abilities and creative approach to songwriting, noting that “Neil cares about every note he plays like it is going to be around forever”. [3]

Does Lars Ulrich have tinnitus?

Lars Ulrich has spoken out publicly about his battle with tinnitus, a condition which causes ringing in the ears.  He first noticed symptoms of tinnitus while recording Metallica’s self-titled album in 1991, and it has become increasingly worse over time.

To try and manage the symptoms, he wears earplugs during live performances and avoids loud noises when possible. Additionally, he has been known to use meditation as a way of coping with the ringing in his ears.

Ulrich is not alone in suffering from this condition – many professional musicians have also reported experiencing symptoms of tinnitus due to their exposure to loud sounds on stage or in the studio. For this reason, musicians need to be aware of the potential risks and take steps to prevent further damage to their hearing. [4]

Does Lars Ulrich have tinnitus

Who is the richest Metallica member?

By far, the richest member of Metallica is Lars Ulrich. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has an estimated net worth of 350 million dollars. This fortune comes from his success as a musician and songwriter, as well as his stake in the band’s business ventures such as their record label Blackened Records.

In addition to being the wealthiest member of Metallica, Ulrich is also one of the most successful drummers in music history. With over 100 million albums sold worldwide and numerous awards won throughout his career, it is easy to see why he is so highly regarded and financially successful.


Who is Metallica’s new drummer?

Metallica does not currently have a new drummer. Lars Ulrich is still the band’s primary drummer and has been since Metallica was founded in 1981. He continues to provide the same level of skill, passion and energy that he brought to the band from its early days, making him irreplaceable as Metallica’s drummer.

Who is Metallica’s leader?

Metallica does not have just one leader; the band works together as a collective, with each member contributing to the creative process. However, Lars Ulrich is often credited as being the primary driving force behind Metallica’s success due to his tireless work ethic and passion for music. As drummer and co-founder of Metallica, he has helped shape their sound and set them apart from other bands.

Did Metallica kick Lars out?

No, Metallica did not kick Lars Ulrich out. As the band’s primary drummer and co-founder, he has been an integral part of Metallica since its inception in 1981 and continues to play an important role in their music today. Despite reports of tension between him and other members of the band, they remain close friends and colleagues who continue to collaborate on new projects.

What is Metallica’s biggest hit song?

Metallica’s biggest hit is the song “Enter Sandman” from their 1991 self-titled album. The song was a massive success, topping charts in multiple countries and earning Metallica their first Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. It remains one of the band’s most popular songs to this day, with over 440 million streams on Spotify as of 2021. [5]

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It is clear to see why Lars Ulrich of Metallica is considered a foundational member of the group. From his pioneering and aggressive drumming style, to his passion for the development and growth of new music and tunes, Lars Ulrich has been an integral part of Metallica’s history. His revolutionary fusion styles, keen sense of collaboration and camaraderie with other world-renowned musicians, and commanding stage presence make him one of the most influential drummers of all time. The decades-long success story that Metallica has achieved wouldn’t be possible without Ulrich’s signature flair.

Lars Ulrich is truly an iconic figure for both metal fans around the world and within Metallica itself. He contributes unique textures to the band – weaving together a mix of electrifying elements contour together to create some of today’s favorite rock songs. Music fans across the world can appreciate Ulrich’s unparalleled raw power and dedication to creating groundbreaking works year after year. Whether they know it or not, they’re listening to a legend every time they hit play on their favorite Metallica track. There will never be another like him!


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