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Who Are Eagles of Death Metal?

Who Are Eagles of Death Metal?

You may have heard the name Eagles of Death Metal band before, but do you know who they are? This rock group from Palm Desert, California has been making music since 1998. The band is made up of Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme. Eagles of Death Metal is known for their mix of blues and garage rock styles.


The band was formed in 1998, initially as a solo project by Jesse Hughes. With the help of his friend and fellow musician Josh Homme, they began to write songs together. The duo named their newly formed band Eagles of Death Metal, in reference to what would become their signature sound: a blend of blues and garage rock.

Their first album, Peace Love Death Metal (2004), saw the band come into its own and gain commercial success. They have since released several more albums, including Heart On (2008) and Zipper Down (2015). The group has also completed several successful tours throughout the years, playing to sold out crowds around the world.

Eagles of Death Metal are well known for their energetic live performances, often incorporating elements of punk and metal into their music. They have become well respected by critics for their unique blend of genres and innovation within the rock genre. The band also has a large cult following amongst fans, due in part to their humorous lyrics and on-stage antics. [1]

Name origin

The origin of the band’s name is somewhat mysterious. Although Hughes has admitted that it was intended to be a joke, there have been several interpretations as to what it means. Some believe that the name implies a comparison between death metal and eagles; that they are both powerful yet beautiful. Others interpret the meaning differently, believing it to be an homage to bands such as The Eagles, or that their music symbolizes freedom like an eagle in flight.

Regardless of its true meaning, Eagles of Death Metal has become one of the most influential rock bands in recent years. With their unique blend of blues and garage rock styles, they continue to impress critics and fans alike with their raw energy and innovative sound.


The band has released four studio albums and one live album.

Their debut album, Peace Love Death Metal, was released in 2004 to critical acclaim. It featured singles such as “I Only Want You” and “Don’t Speak (I Came To Make A Bang!)”. The band’s follow up, 2007’s Heart On, saw them further develop their sound. Highlights include the hit single “Wannabe in L.A.” and the bluesy ballad “Now I’m a Fool”.

Eagles of Death Metal’s third studio album, Zipper Down (2015), marked a return to their garage rock roots. It includes hits such as “Silverlake” and “Complexity”. The band’s fourth and most recent album, 2016’s I Love You All the Time: Live at The Olympia Paris, is a live recording of their performance at the Olympia in Paris.

The Eagles of Death Metal have also released several EPs and compilation albums throughout their career. Their music has been featured in films such as Black Sheep (2006) and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010). [2]


Bataclan attack

In 2015, tragedy struck the band during their European tour when they were performing at the Bataclan in Paris. Terrorists attacked the venue and 90 people were killed, including several of the band’s fans.

The attack had a profound effect on the band and its members, who continue to remember those lost that night. In response to this tragedy, the Eagles of Death Metal released a statement expressing their grief and solidarity with victims’ families: “Although bonded in grief with the victims, the fans, bystanders and all those affected by terrorism we are proud to stand together, with our new family, now united by a common goal of love and compassion”.

Since then, Eagles of Death Metal have become political activists, speaking out against gun violence and terrorism. The band has organized numerous benefit concerts in support of those affected by the Bataclan attack. They are dedicated to using their music as a force for good and hope to continue bringing people together through their performances and activism.

Eagles of Death Metal have become an influential force within the rock scene and a beacon of hope after tragedy. With their unique blend of genres and powerful live performances, they continue to inspire fans around the world. [3]

Style and influences

Eagles of Death Metal have often been described as a mix of blues, garage rock, and death metal. They are heavily influenced by classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and Queen, but also draw inspiration from punk groups like The Ramones and more modern acts like Queens of the Stone Age.

The band has been praised for their ability to blend styles together in an accessible way. Their playful lyrics and humorous stage presence make them particularly endearing to fans.

In addition to their musical influences, Eagles of Death Metal’s activism has resonated with many people around the world. Through their efforts, they hope to create a better future for everyone affected by tragedy and continue spreading their message of love, peace, and understanding through music.


Eagles of Death Metal consists of two core members, Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme. They are often accompanied by a rotating group of musicians on tour.

Jesse Hughes is the frontman and lead vocalist of the band. He is known for his energetic performances and outrageous style. His powerful voice can be heard throughout their discography.

Josh Homme is the drummer and founder of Eagles of Death Metal. He has also collaborated with other bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, and Kyuss. Despite being known primarily as a drummer, he has been involved in every aspect of the band’s recordings from production to mixing. [4]

The Eagles of Death Metal have been touring and recording together since 1998. With over 20 years of experience, they remain one of the most unique and influential bands in modern music.



Why are they called Eagles of Death Metal?

The band chose their name as a joke – they are not actually a death metal band, but rather a mix of punk, blues and classic rock.

Who is the lead singer of Eagles of Death Metal?

Jesse Hughes is the lead singer and founder of Eagles of Death Metal. He is known for his powerful vocals and energetic performances.

Who is the drummer for Eagles of Death Metal?

Josh Homme is the drummer and founder of Eagles of Death Metal. He has also collaborated with other bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, and Kyuss.

Are Eagles of Death Metal still together?

Yes, Eagles of Death Metal are still together and continue to tour and record music. They have been together since 1998 and remain one of the most unique and influential bands in modern music.

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In conclusion, Eagles of Death Metal are a band that has continued to defy the boundaries of music. Their unique blend of rock, blues, heavy metal and punk gives their songs a distinctive sound that continues to enchant audiences around the world. From their humble beginnings as friends in Palm Desert, California to international success and tragedy in Paris, the band has been able to rise above all obstacles and remain true to what they stand for – creating powerful, meaningful music. After reading this article we hope that you have gained more insight into who Eagles Of Death Metal are and will be encouraged to explore them more fully. Remember to always keep listening for new sounds and push the limits of your music experience! Who knows? Maybe Eagles Of Death Metal will be your next favorite band.


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