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The Best Metal Bands From Ohio

The Best Metal Bands From Ohio

If you’re a metalhead, there’s no better place to be than Ohio. The Buckeye State has some of the best metal bands in the country, ranging from classic acts like Chimaira and Drowning Pool to modern favorites like Slipknot and Backwords. From hard-hitting thrash to darkly sophisticated gothic sounds, these Ohio-based groups have captured both fans and critics alike with their live performances and genre-bending soundscapes.This blog explores why Ohio is such an incredible breeding ground for great heavy music; from its history in alternative culture to current scenes that are pushing boundaries across the board. Let’s get ready for headbanging as we dig into the awesome world of metal created by bands from Ohio!

What is Metal Music

Metal music, often simply referred to as ‘metal,’ is a broad genre of rock music known for its amplified distortion, elaborate guitar solos, powerful rhythmic beats, and a pervasive sense of high volume. It began in the latter part of the 1960s and early 1970s, when bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin molded elements of blues, rock, and psychedelia into a mammoth sound that was heavier and more aggressive. [1] Over the decades, metal proliferated into numerous subgenres, including thrash metal, death metal, black metal, power metal, and doom metal, each carrying its own unique characteristics and stylistic nuances.

The lyrics and themes of metal music often touch upon topics that are intense, dramatic, and sometimes controversial, such as death, warfare, and the occult. However, they also frequently address issues of personal and societal concern, and sometimes even philosophical and existential queries. The performances, both recorded and live, are typically characterized by high levels of energy and a presentation that is visually striking and theatrically grand.

In Ohio, the metal scene has thrived due to a combination of factors. The state’s history of industrialization, socio-economic changes, and vibrant alternative culture have all contributed to an environment conducive to the flourishing of heavy music. Today, Ohio is a bustling hub for metal music, with a thriving scene of bands, festivals, and dedicated fans that are pushing the boundaries of the genre and contributing to its evolution.

What is Metal Music

The Ohio Metal Scene

  • The Roots

The origins of the Ohio metal scene can be traced back to the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s, when heavy music was starting to gain momentum globally. During this time, Ohio was grappling with significant industrial and socio-economic changes, which often serve as breeding grounds for alternative culture. The metal scene found a home in the state’s urban areas, particularly in cities like Cleveland and Columbus, where there was an appetite for music that was loud, aggressive, and counter to mainstream pop and rock.

Ohio’s metal bands of the era, like ‘Destructor’ and ‘Shok Paris’, were known for their intense energy, heavy riffs, and socio-political lyrics. They played in local venues, often to packed crowds, laying the foundation for a robust metal community.

  • Rising to Prominence

In the 90s and 2000s, the Ohio metal scene began to make its mark on a national, and even international, level. Bands like ‘Chimaira’, ‘Mushroomhead’, and ‘Drowning Pool’ incorporated elements of groove metal, nu-metal, and hardcore, pushing the boundaries of the genre and finding commercial success in the process. They were known for their explosive live shows and innovative sound, mixing guttural screams, heavy guitars, and intricate drumming with elements of electronic music and hip-hop.

  • The Modern Scene

Today, the Ohio metal scene continues to thrive and evolve. New bands are breaking onto the scene, bringing fresh ideas and pushing the genre’s boundaries even further. Bands like ‘Beartooth’, ‘Miss May I’, and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ have garnered critical acclaim for their unique blend of metalcore and post-hardcore, incorporating clean singing, screaming, breakdowns, and melodic elements.

Ohio is also home to several metal festivals and events that attract fans from all over the world, such as the Inkcarceration Music and Tattoo Festival and the Ohio Metalfest. These gatherings not only showcase the state’s metal talent but also help to foster a sense of community among fans and musicians alike.

Historical evolution of metal in Ohio

As we delve deeper into the history of metal music in Ohio, it’s essential to recognize the significant socio-cultural contributions it has made to the state’s identity. The roots of the genre in this rugged landscape lie in the upheaval of the late 20th-century industrial revolution. A severe economic downturn, coupled with a burgeoning sense of disillusionment, provided the perfect backdrop for the birth of a raw, intense, and cathartic musical expression.

Bands like Necrophagia, known for pioneering the Death Metal sub-genre, and Breaker, a speed metal group, emerged from this turbulent period. They channeled their socioeconomic dissatisfaction into their style, capturing the hearts of many disenfranchised young people. The popularity of these bands served to consolidate the nascent metal scene in Ohio, leading to the formation of numerous other groups who each brought their unique take on the genre.

As time progressed, Ohio’s metal music continued to grow in diversity, mirroring the ever-changing socio-cultural landscape of the state. The new millennium saw the rise of modern metal acts like Skeletonwitch, a band that beautifully blends elements of Thrash and Black Metal. Today, the Ohio metal scene retains its vibrant and diverse character, continuously evolving and reaffirming Ohio’s position as a significant player in the global metal music landscape.

Historical evolution of metal in Ohio

Ohio’s role in shaping subgenres of metal

Ohio’s contribution to the development and diversity of metal subgenres is considerable and noteworthy. The state’s bands have consistently pushed the boundaries of the genre, experimenting with different sounds, themes, and styles. For instance, bands like Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, though not typically classified as ‘metal’, have had a profound influence on the genre. They pioneered the Industrial Metal movement, integrating elements of electronic and industrial music into the traditional metal framework. This resulted in a unique sound characterized by heavy use of synthesizers, distorted guitars, and aggressive vocals, often touching on themes of existential angst and societal decay.

Later, the state saw the emergence of bands like The Devil Wears Prada and Attack Attack!, who played pivotal roles in the rise of Metalcore and Post-Hardcore music, subgenres that combined the visceral aggression of heavy metal with the melodic sensibility of punk rock. As we look towards the future, Ohio’s influence on the global metal scene shows no sign of abating, with new bands consistently emerging to carry the torch and continue the state’s rich tradition of heavy music.

Top Metal Bands From Ohio

Ohio’s heavy metal scene has been the birthplace of numerous talented and influential bands. These bands have not only dominated local stages but have also made their mark on the international metal scene. Let’s take a look at some of the top metal bands that have emerged from the Buckeye State, each of which has contributed significantly to the state’s rich musical legacy.

1. The Devil Wears Prada

Formed in 2005, the group is a Metalcore band from Dayton. The band was named after the popular novel and movie, though they have stated that the name does not carry any special significance and was chosen primarily because they thought it sounded cool. The original band line-up consisted of Mike Hranica, Jeremy DePoyster, Andy Trick and Daniel Williams. [2]

The music is marked by a dynamic blend of intense breakdowns, harmonious keyboard melodies, and a dual vocal style encompassing both harsh screams and clean singing.Their lyrics often touch upon themes of faith, personal struggle, and social issues.

The band launched their first album “Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord,” in 2006. Over the years, the band has received several nominations and awards, including the Dove Award for “Hard Music Album of the Year” for “With Roots Above and Branches Below”. 

Despite several line-up changes over the years, The group continues to be a cornerstone of Ohio’s metal scene, showcasing the state’s capacity for producing innovative and influential heavy music.

The Devil Wears Prada

2. A Sense of Purpose

A Sense of Purpose, hailing from Akron, Ohio, is a band that strides the line between heavy and melodic with finesse. Known for their technical proficiency and dynamic songwriting, the band merges melodic riffs, complex rhythms, and powerful vocals, creating a sound that is both brutal and beautiful.

Their discography consists of powerful songs such as “Heirloom,” “Cougar,” and “Colossus,” each showcasing their ability to blend melody and aggression seamlessly. “Heirloom,” in particular, stands out for its captivating guitar work, soaring choruses, and emotive lyrics.

One of the staple features of A Sense of Purpose’s performances is their high energy and connection with the audience. Their live performances are known for being immersive experiences, filled with headbanging.The band’s dynamic stage presence, coupled with their intricate light shows, makes each performance a memorable event.

3. Buried Crosses

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Buried Crosses is a metal band known for its intense sound and thought-provoking lyrics. Since their formation, they have been making waves in the state’s heavy music scene, with a sound that seamlessly blends death metal, thrash, and elements of hardcore.

Buried Crosses’ music is distinguished by its aggressive guitar riffs, rapid drumming, and guttural vocals. Their lyrical content often delves into grim themes, exploring aspects of human nature, inner struggles, and societal issues. This is showcased in their inaugural album, “The Age of Scourge”, which was critically acclaimed for its raw sound and deep lyrical content.

Over the years, Buried Crosses has evolved musically, adding elements of progressive metal and post-hardcore to their sound, creating a unique blend of genres that distinguishes them from other bands on the scene. Their second album, “Born of Desolation”, is a testament to this evolution, showcasing a more refined and diversified sound, while still maintaining their inherent aggression and intensity.

4. Fallen Captive

This band is originating from Cleveland, Ohio, a Metalcore band celebrated for their intricate compositions and powerful performances. Their lyrics, rich in imagery and emotion, often delve into themes of struggle, resilience, and the human condition.

Their first album, “Edge of Collapse,” received critical acclaim for its balance of melodic elements and heavy instrumentation. The band’s musical growth can be traced through their discography, with their latest releases showcasing a matured sound that embodies their technical progression and lyrical depth.

Renowned for their dynamic live shows, Fallen Captive engages the audience with their raw energy and passion. Their performances are known for their immersive atmosphere, marked by mosh pits, crowd participation, and the band’s visceral onstage presence. [3]

Fallen Captive is a significant contributor to Ohio’s thriving Metalcore scene. Their music, both complex and accessible, resonates with a diverse range of metal fans, solidifying their status as one of Ohio’s premier metal acts.

Fallen Captive

5. Mushroomhead

The band was formed in Cleveland, Ohio, is an alternative metal band known for their theatrical live shows and distinctive image. They have carved out a unique place in the heavy music scene, with an eclectic blend of industrial, metal, and electronica. Their music, often dark and atmospheric, is characterized by the use of unconventional instruments, such as water drums, and an intricate layering of vocals.

Their discography, which spans over two decades, is a testament to the band’s ability to evolve and experiment while maintaining a sound that is unmistakably their own. Standout tracks such as “Solitaire/Unraveling” and “Sun Doesn’t Rise” demonstrate their innovative approach to songwriting, merging heavy riffs with melodic hooks and intricate rhythms.

Mushroomhead’s live shows are a spectacle in themselves, complete with elaborate masks, costumes, and intense visual effects. Their performances are immersive experiences that extend beyond the music, offering an engaging blend of theater and heavy metal.

6. Shores of Elysium

This is a Deathcore band based in Columbus, Ohio, known for their technical proficiency and intense live performances. The band is composed of five members: Ben Mason on vocals, Ian Sturgill and Nick Virus on guitar, Dylan Glendening on bass, and Chris Jestadt on drums. Their music is characterized by heavy breakdowns, complex guitar riffs, and brutal vocals, all layered with atmospheric elements that add a unique depth to their sound.

Their songs often explore dark and existential themes, with tracks like “Mind Sculpt” and “The Principle of Succession” showcasing their ability to merge punishing instrumentation with thought-provoking lyrics. This blend of brutal intensity and musical complexity has solidified Shores of Elysium’s place in the Ohio Deathcore scene.

With their intricate musicianship and powerful stage presence, they have become a must-see act in the Ohio metal scene. Their continuous evolution in sound and style make Shores of Elysium a significant contributor to Ohio’s vibrant metal scene.

7. Black Veil Brides

The band, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, is a rock band recognized for their distinct glam-metal-influenced sound and theatrical performances. The band’s music is characterized by driving guitar riffs, anthemic choruses, and deeply emotive lyrics, often exploring themes of self-belief and perseverance.

Their debut album, “We Stitch These Wounds”, gained critical acclaim for its blend of melodic and heavy elements, effectively revitalizing the appeal of glam metal for a new generation. As the band’s discography expanded, their sound matured, incorporating more diverse elements such as symphonic arrangements and conceptual narratives.

Their live shows are as much a visual spectacle as they are a musical experience, marked by high-energy performances, elaborate stage outfits, and engaging crowd interaction. Black Veil Brides’ dedication to their music and their fans has solidified their status as a significant act in Ohio’s rock scene and beyond.

Black Veil Brides

Other popular bands

Ohio has a flourishing metal scene, with numerous bands gaining national recognition for their unique sounds and styles. Some of the other prominent acts from Ohio include Chimaira, Skeletonwitch, Trivium, and Sworn In.

Chimaira is an influential band from Cleveland that combines elements of nu-metal and thrash metal to create their signature sound. Skeletonwitch, from Athens, Ohio, is a blackened thrash metal band known for their intense live shows and unparalleled musical precision. Trivium, also from Orlando, Florida, is an American heavy metal band whose sound combines elements of melodic death metal and progressive metal. And lastly, Sworn In is a Chicago-based metalcore band noted for their aggressive sound and intense live performances.

Ohio’s Metal Festivals and Events

Ohio boasts a vibrant metal scene that is supported by numerous festivals and events. The annual Ohio Metal Fest, held in Columbus, is one of the state’s largest metal festivals. The event features some of the genre’s biggest acts from around the world, as well as local talent from Ohio. Other popular events include the Midwest Metal Fest in Cleveland and Dayton’s Metal Fest, which both feature a wide array of metal bands from different subgenres.

These festivals and events serve as platforms for metal fans to come together and celebrate their love of heavy music. They also provide an opportunity for Ohio’s local acts to share the stage with some of the biggest names in the genre, allowing them to reach wider audiences. Ohio’s metal scene is alive and well, thanks to these events that continue to showcase the best of what the state has to offer.

Challenges and Triumphs

Although Ohio has a thriving metal scene, it is not without its challenges and struggles. Many of the bands from Ohio have to battle for recognition in an increasingly crowded market, and they often find themselves competing with larger acts from other states or countries. Additionally, many local venues are still hesitant to book heavy bands due to their reputation for being too noisy or destructive.

But despite these challenges, Ohio’s metal scene continues to grow and thrive due to the dedication of its bands and fans. Local acts are constantly pushing boundaries and creating innovative music that is gaining recognition both nationally and internationally. The commitment to heavy music by Ohio’s metal bands and their fans is what ultimately drives the scene forward, ensuring that it will remain a major player in the world of heavy music for years to come.

Ohio’s Contribution to Metal Diversity

Ohio’s metal scene is particularly noteworthy for its wide range of styles and genres. From deathcore acts like Shores of Elysium to glam-metal veterans Black Veil Brides, the state’s bands span a variety of popular subgenres and continue to evolve their sound. This diversity is reflected in the festivals and events that take place in Ohio, which often feature bands from different subgenres and provide a platform for them to showcase their unique styles.

Furthermore, Ohio’s vibrant metal scene has given rise to many great heavy metal venues which host both local and international acts. Some popular venues include The Agora Theatre in Cleveland, Starland Ballroom in Youngstown, Newport Music Hall in Columbus, and the Odeon Concert Club in Cleveland. These venues provide a platform for local acts to showcase their music while also bringing some of the biggest names in metal from around the world to Ohio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many metal bands from Ohio?

The prevalence of metal bands in Ohio can be attributed to a combination of a rich musical heritage, a vibrant live music scene, and a supportive community. The state has a history of producing successful musicians across various genres, which has paved the way for the growth of heavy music. The numerous live venues and music festivals in Ohio also provide ample opportunities for bands to perform and gain exposure. Additionally, there is a strong sense of community in the Ohio metal scene, with fans and fellow musicians often supporting each other.

What rock band is from Ohio?

Ohio is home to many rock bands that have made significant contributions to the genre. For example, The Black Keys, formed in Akron, Ohio, is a well-known rock band that has gained international acclaim for its blues-infused rock sound. Similarly, Twenty-One Pilots, a band formed in Columbus, Ohio, has achieved global success with their unique blend of rock, indie pop, and electronica. Other notable rock bands from Ohio include Devo, The Pretenders, and Guided by Voices.

What rock band is from Ohio?

Who is #1 metal band?

The #1 metal band is subjective and depends on personal preference. However, some of the most successful metal bands in recent years include Slipknot, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, and Trivium. These bands have achieved commercial success as well as critical acclaim for their inventive sound and captivating live performances.

Who are the 4 great metal bands?

Four of the great metal bands are Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer, and Judas Priest. All four of these bands have had a major impact on the genre and have achieved global recognition for their contribution to heavy music. Metallica is known as one of the “Big Four” of thrash metal and has released some of the most iconic metal songs of all time. Iron Maiden is one of the most successful heavy metal bands in history and their discography is packed with classic tunes. Slayer has pushed the boundaries of extreme metal since their inception in the early 80s, while Judas Priest is considered to be one of the greatest and most influential British heavy metal bands.

Who was the only Native American rock band?

The only Native American rock band was the group Redbone. Formed in 1969, Redbone combined rock, funk, and blues with traditional Native American music to create a unique sound that gained them recognition both in the United States and abroad. Their most popular songs include “Come and Get Your Love”, “Maggie” and “Witch Queen of New Orleans”. Redbone disbanded in 1977, but their pioneering sound remains influential to this day.

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To conclude, the Ohio metal scene has proven to be a vital part of the larger metal music genre as a whole. The many influential bands from Ohio that have found success in the mainstream are a testament to how lively and beloved this particular style of music has become and will continue to be for years. Fans of metal music who live in Ohio or simply appreciate what it has offered should make an effort to learn about, listen to, and support its legacy artists or upcoming talents. The future of metal music in Ohio looks bright, so come geared up with your horns raised high, ears open wide, and voices ready to cheer!


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